Selected Publications

  • Cutting Edge: Inflammasome Activation in Primary Human Macrophages Is Dependent on Flagellin. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. Kortmann, J., Brubaker, S. W., Monack, D. M.2015; 195 (3): 815-819

  • Non-typhoidal Salmonella Typhimurium ST313 isolates that cause bacteremia in humans stimulate less inflammasome activation than ST19 isolates associated with gastroenteritis. PATHOGENS AND DISEASE
    Carden, S., Okoro, C., Dougan, G., Monack, D. 2015; 73 (4)

  • cGAS and Ifi204 Cooperate To Produce Type I IFNs in Response to Francisella Infection. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. Storek, K. M., Gertsvolf, N. A., Ohlson, M. B., Monack, D. M. 2015; 194 (7): 3236-3245

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