Hi, my name is Thibault, and I’m a postdoctoral scholar in the Monack lab. I was born in “the flat country” (Belgium) where I performed my undergraduate studies in Chemistry. I then moved to Marseille in the south of France where I earned a Master's degree in Microbiology. That’s when I became fascinated by the little bugs and the way they manipulate their environment by secreting things. So I decided to complete a PhD in microbiology, still in Marseille, and completed a dissertation research project on the T6SSs of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a human opportunistic pathogen. I’ve since studied AIM2 inflammasome activation in macrophages via Francisella novicida in Lyon (France) and I’m now deciphering how Salmonella Typhimurium competes with the microbiota to successfully establish in the host gut. 

Besides science, I love to spend hours doing nothing but thinking and chatting with my wife or my friends about the meaning of life (hopefully with my kids some days). Other than that, I’m mostly normal and I enjoy meeting and listening to people from all over the world, doing wine tasting (blind tasting is even more fun), cooking good food, reading books, listening to all kind of musics (very broad!), hiking in the middle of nowhere, freediving (I can hold my breath for about 4 minutes) and doing whatsoever activity that makes me happy.