Brooke is a post-doctoral fellow in the Monack lab. She has a B.A. in Neuroscience from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA and received her Ph.D. in David Weiss's Laboratory at Emory University School of Medicine/Emory Vaccine Center.

You can find me at, through my LinkedIn profile or at

My science...

My background is in bacterial pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance, but I have currently curtailed my obsession with microbes and have been focusing on what regulates acute and chronic inflammation in the host. 

I’m trying to understand what genetic and environmental elements contribute to susceptibility or tolerance to sepsis, an uncontrollable systemic inflammation in response to a blood infection. Using CRISPR-Cas9 genetic screening in host cells we are identifying new genes that contribute to worsening sepsis outcomes. With these screens we have identified new diagnostic and therapeutic targets for patients at risk for developing sepsis and septic patients, respectively. Furthermore, we are looking what environmental factors can be manipulated to tune the response to blood infection. 

When not in lab...

You can find me outside camping, hiking, running, and hanging out with my dog.